Need Help with your ATO Audit?

Do you want control of your ATO audit or dispute?
Be sure of your rights & obligations in a review, audit or objection.

You need a trusted independent advisor that is equipped to give you the best outcome.
TaxResolve is uniquely placed to guide you.

Ashley is one of Australia’s most recognised and leading tax dispute advisers. He would be happy to talk to you to discuss your issue.

Ashley has enormous experience with tax matters. His experience includes holding the following positions:

  • Senior Assistant Commissioner at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) (total of 21 years at the ATO), 
  • Lead Tax Controversy Partner at Deloitte (the largest advisor to family businesses and high net worth families in Australia), and
  • Tax Controversy Partner and Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) (the largest tax practice in Australia).

While in the ATO, Ashley worked as an auditor, investigator, objection officer, advisor, and policy advisor. He spent numerous years auditing taxpayers and designing new tax laws before he became one of the youngest tax officers to be promoted to Assistant Commissioner in 2001. His work involved small business, large business, High Wealth individuals and family groups, international tax, financial arrangements and several tax policy projects. He was a Senior Assistant Commissioner when he left the ATO in 2007. In these roles Ashley led many large and complex audits and legislative reform projects, and played a major role in developing new laws and administrative policies and capabilities, shaping ATO culture and providing leadership to other ATO officers. His attention to detail and professionalism included delivering many training programs for ATO officers, specialising in audit process and strategy, the taxation of financial arrangements and international tax issues.

Following his formidable career with the ATO, Ashley has successfully advised more than 500 clients to resolve their tax disputes, including responding to position papers, negotiation of settlements and penalties, dealing with formal information demands, seeking documents under FOI and filing objections against ATO decisions. He also advises business owners, High Net Worth Families, Boards, Directors and Public Officers on their tax responsibilities and obligations and the continuing pressures from ever-changing tax environment.


Through his trusted Registered Tax advisory firm, TaxResolve, Ashley provides:

  • Complete confidentiality (something that is difficult to get from an Accounting or Law firm)
  • A Clear Strategy for how to respond and manage an ATO Review, ATO Audit or ATO Investigation (bringing his deep experience from both sides of the fence)
  • His knowledge and experience from understanding the strength and limitations of the ATO’s powers to investigate and your rights and obligations when responding to the ATO
  • Honest and independent opinions and advice on your tax positions, evidence and prospects of persuading the ATO, AAT or Federal Court
  • 2nd opinions where you have obtained advice elsewhere that you are not sure about
  • Preparation of clear, persuasive submissions in response to ATO questions, positions, or penalty warnings
  • Advocacy in dealing with and negotiating with all levels and all Divisions of the ATO, including ATO internal Panels in matters of technical complexity, alleged tax avoidance or tax evasion
  • Preparation of settlement positions and settlement agreements to provide complete resolution of your uncertain tax issues
  • Drafting of Objections and Request for Independent Review
  • Considerations about when to bring in lawyers or Tax Barristers (if needed)
  • Advice on obtaining expert opinions, Valuation disputes, making complaints, requesting documents under Freedom of Information Laws, requesting written Reasons for Decisions, requesting funding from the ATO or Small Business Ombudsman for your Tax Appeal to the AAT or Federal Court

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October 2013 – (Regional Head of Tax, Large Global Bank)

Ashley’s approach to Tax Controversy is different to the other Big 4 accounting firms, who would have just made things worse. Compared to the competitors in relation to Tax Controversy work, it is hard to find any, you rank number 1.