Why Tax Resolve?

A Tax Audit can be incredibly stressful, frustrating and challenging. The powers that the ATO can use, and the information that it has, are significantly greater that an any other government department. How you respond to and manage the audit can be career-defining and costly. Particularly if you get it wrong.

And the ATO can get things wrong. You may need to request a review to an ATO decsion, or to lodge a fomal objection.

How would you react if the ATO found a mistake in your tax return and decided to penalise you? Or worse, if the ATO made an allegation of tax avoidance or tax evasion? And what if you know you had not done anything deliberately wrong?

TaxResolve will ensure that you get the best available outcome.

As a Taxpayer, Public Officer or Director it is important that you:

  • are fully aware of your obligations with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • do not make mistakes when reporting, communicating, or responding to the ATO
  • get the best advice that you can
  • do not leave it too late to prevent creating a complicated and costly mess
  • understand that your tax agent has obligations to the ATO and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), and these obligations are designed to protect you

That is why speaking to Ashley at TaxResolve could be the most valuable call you make.

Knowledge and expertise

Ashley has invested heavily in tax, accounting, commercial and legal knowledge throughout his career. In addition to his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Accounting and his Master’s Degree in Tax Law, he continuously stays up to date with new law changes as part of his commitment to continuous learning that is required through his ongoing professional obligations.

He also has enormous depth of experience in how tax laws are developed, how the ATO administers that tax law and the tax system, what the rules of engagement are in tax reviews, audits and investigations, the strengths and limitations of the ATO’s powers, the rights, expectations and obligations that taxpayers have when dealing with the ATO.

He has seen firsthand how ATO reviews and Audits can become bogged down and go off-track because the ATO forms a view or hypothesis before knowing and understanding the full picture, and other advisors have not known how to respond. He also knows and understands when the ATO need to apply precedent, and when the circumstances arise to depart form established positions.

He has prepared and presented dozens of technical papers and presentations at tax conferences around Australia, is an avid reader of tax bulletins and updates, and regularly attends tax conferences as a guest.

He has also co-authored a book on Tax Risk Management in Australia and has prepared hundreds of submissions on tax technical and evidentiary matters on behalf of his clients.



Experience in dealing with the ATO is a premium product. Ashley knows and understands the ATO like few others. And his technical experience and knowledge places him at the top of the tax profession.

Not only did Ashley have an exceptional 22-year career in the ATO, he has been an extremely effective and successful at the top of the tax controversy profession in the 13 years since then. In that time, he has developed extensive experience in dealing with clients, both large and small, enabling him to assess and predict outcomes and negotiate his way through a myriad of risks, procedures, and obligations quickly and expertly.

All this will save you time and money, as well as obtaining the best possible outcome on your tax audit issues.


Custom designed approach and advice

Tax is complex and the circumstances in which tax rules apply are often also complex and not exactly what law drafters had in mind when writing tax laws.

As a result, no two tax audits are the same, and nor would you expect responses or solutions to be the same. Ashley thinks through and creates custom-made approaches and solutions to questions and demands made by tax auditors.  Ashley has seen and used a large variety of approaches and techniques. Each tax issue needs to be understood and considered on its merits, and you will have peace of mind that Ashley is always acting in your best interests.


Value and cost effectiveness

Ashley provides the same quality advice now that he provided as a partner at Deloitte and PwC, at less than half the cost. While he must provide professional insurance and up to date technical knowledge, Ashley operates his tax consultancy practice with great efficiency to ensure that he can keep his rates low and that you don’t pay for expensive CBD rent, advertising, entertainment and support staff.

When you pay for Ashley’s services, you will know that you are not just paying for his time, but to his commitment to knowing the things that you need to know when dealing with the ATO. It includes his carefully structured strategies, his problem-solving skills, his written submissions, and his custom-tailored solution. Mostly, it provides you with peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. He can worry about the long days and late nights reviewing your situation, preparing your submissions, and constructing a strategy to help you defend your tax position.



Ashley is a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). The CTA designation is an internationally recognised and respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrity and represents the pinnacle of the tax profession.

Ashley has been a member of The Tax Institute in Australia since 1996. The Tax Institute is Australia’s leading professional tax organization, with over 75 years’ experience in servicing, educating, and upholding the standards of Australia’s leading tax professionals.

TaxResolve is also a Registered Tax Agent and provides services in accordance with the requirements of the Taxation Agent Services Act 2009 which is administered by the Tax Practitioners Board.

TaxResolve holds and maintains professional indemnity insurance that meets the requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board.


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