Australia’s Tax Legislation prohibits the disclosure of your protected tax information (including by tax advisors, lawyers and accountants).

Many clients that have been subject to an ATO audit request that knowledge of their tax affairs remains confidential.

Where appropriate, the following feedback and testimonials have been anonymized to protect the identity of the author or taxpayer.


11 April 2007 – Michael D’Ascenzo (Commissioner of Taxation)

Dear Ashley

On behalf of your many colleagues and friends from the tax office I would like to thank you for your dedicated service to the tax office and the people of Australia over the past 22 years.

I know that you have long been highly regarded outside as well as inside the tax office for your strong technical background, particularly in relation to international tax in the banking and financial sectors. Your contribution in relation to the development of the tax laws in these areas, particularly in respect of the thin capitalisation legislation and more recently the taxation of financial arrangements legislation, which is currently being drafted is much appreciated and your insights and knowledge will be missed.

Your personal strengths, your balanced approach in relation to work, and your skills as a negotiator have contributed to the respect that the tax office has amongst clients in the financial services industry sector. I am sure that the very positive feedback about the professionalism of our staff and approach that we have received from large business tax payers in the sector – notwithstanding the excellent results which have been achieved in relation to our compliance activities – Can largely be attributed to your leadership and guidance. We will miss you greatly.

I hope your time with us has been equally rewarding and I wish you well in whatever endeavours you are about to undertake.

Yours sincerely

Michael D’Ascenzo

Commissioner of taxation

11 April 2007

August 2012 – (Finance Leader, Large Australian Bank)

Ashley, I just wanted to extend my compliments to you as author of “Evolution of tax avoidance enforcement: Lessons learned in Australia and New Zealand” in this month’s Deloitte Tax Tactics publication. Very skillfully worded, you have a flair for this.

December 2012 – (Tax Partner, Deloitte Australia)

Ash, a Board Director at one the largest global banks mentioned that your good work on recent matters had been discussed in very positive terms at the Board Level. Wow!

December 2012 – (Director, Deloitte New Zealand)

Ash, we had a good meeting with the regional Head of Tax for one the largest global banks today and he spoke very highly of the work you have been doing for them in Australia.

March 2013 – (Senior Tax Partner, Deloitte Australia)

I think Ashley has done an outstanding job in assisting us with both internal pressures and client pressures on the large Australian Bank. It is the best example of a Lead Relationship Partner adding tangible value to an indirect tax engagement that I have seen.

It was a breath of fresh air to see Ashley take the time to consider things and take a considered view rather than react. His approach was to listen and understand the positions and to put other things into perspective.

March 2013 – (Director, Large Australian Listed company)

Ashley, may I say how appreciative I am for your valuable assistance in this matter. The evidence and insight you provide is of great assistance in illuminating the facts and circumstances underlying our dispute.

April 2013 – (Chief Financial Officer, Large Global manufacturing company)

Ashley, a fantastic outcome. Thanks so much to you and the team for all the effort and advice. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

April 2013 – (Tax Partner, Deloitte, New York)

One of the best calls that we made as part of our process was to draw upon and leverage off Ashley King’s excellent relationship with the Bank. Ashley provided us with key insights into their current (transfer pricing and tax) priorities, the status of their past discussions with their existing advisors and insights into what it would take for us to win the engagement.

While many factors undoubtedly contributed to the key win, Ashley’s ongoing assistance and counsel, combined with his relationship with the Bank, certainly played a key role.

October 2013 – (Regional Head of Tax, Large Global Bank)

There are not too many people that could have done the job. It is the individual that really matters – if Ashley left Deloitte, the tax engagement would move with him. I need someone I can trust, and I would always choose the individual rather than the firm.

Ashley was the only reason that the meetings with the ATO worked at all. I would not have a job if it wasn’t for Ashley.

Ashley’s approach to Tax Controversy is different to the other Big 4 accounting firms, who would have just made things worse. Compared to the competitors in relation to Tax Controversy work, it is hard to find any, you rank number 1.

October 2013 – (Senior Tax Partner, Deloitte Australia)

The way that Ashley approached the engagement has been completely different to how the client would have approached it, and completely different to how the other Big 4 Accounting Firms would have dealt with it. Ashley’s approach has changed the lens for the client both in relation to the specific Audit, but also more widely as to how to collaborate with the ATO.

October 2013 – (Chief Financial Officer, Global Manufacturing Company)

In terms of delivering on his promise, I can’t’ remember having to wait on Ash once.

The initial advice that Ash gave was exactly what ultimately happened.

Ash came up with the approach to be taken. Very different from the approach taken by our competitor who was going through a similar process with a different Big 4 advisor. We got the right outcome, our competitor did not.

Great service, competitive price and great outcome.

If another tax dispute arose, Ash would be the first person called. Given his reputation within the ATO and his relationships it makes the process that much easier.

October 2013 – (Legal Partner at Deloitte Australia)

The client felt that Ash was as engaged in the project as they were. It was a novel issue that he did his utmost to get the right outcome for the client whilst understanding the issues at play.

He walked in their shoes, that was the key to having made the outcome possible.

2016 – From attendees at ATO Conference

The discussion panel and Ashley King’s experience were particularly insightful, relevant, and genuinely entertaining

The My Career Journey speech from Ashley King was great

I learnt the most from Ashley King today

2016 – (Senior Tax Partner, PwC Australia)

Ash, this a job for you. Clean up the mess with the ATO

February 2018 – (Legal Counsel, Leading Global Corporation)

The issue that we hired Ashley to solve was one that the Australian tax authorities had never seen or resolved.

Many tax advisers in Australia told us that the chance of succeeding was so low that it was not worth the effort. At our first meeting, however, Ash drew out a proposed path forward and recommended proceeding. We went through each step meticulously. We were able to succeed in every respect, resulting in us being the first entity of our kind to achieve the tax status we sought. This will position us to be a strong partner with the Commonwealth of Australia.

Those of us who worked with Ash and his team would like to extend an additional thank you for the flexibility and hospitality throughout the entire process.

Ash and his team all are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and resourceful.

Overall, the experience was excellent.

August 2020 – (Director, Large Health Industry Practice)

Mate, thanks so much for all you have done on our behalf, a bloody legend!

September 2020 – (Managing Partner, Chartered Accountants Practice)

I am so glad that we went with you Ash

Ash we truly appreciate your friendship, support and expertise. An essential part of our practice arsenal because we can offer a higher level of service. 

May 2022 (Managing Director, Chartered Accountants Practice)

We spoke to the client this morning and have read your opinion. The client is very grateful for your review and thanks me for referring work to you. The feedback from Mann Judd was that they were in awe of your response. It appears to be the most appropriate and best outcome.


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